Dear adventurer,

Welcome to the website of Walia Ibex Expedition, an unprecedented happening created in minds of young people.

Our philosophy is simple – the only travelling which makes sense is the one which results in a long-term exchange of values between countries and cultures, while adding to the preservation of what is rare and scarce.

The page is dedicated to all good hearted travelers with open eyes, “knight-errants” of the 21th century. We pledge to provide appealing content about our expedition and travels. Visitors of the web will always enjoy an adventurous, yet realistic first-hand experience from authentic territories and cultures.

Walia Ibex Expedition team


Our Vision & Mission

We make people visit special places, where they can engage in cultural exchange for the benefit of people in need. Better to see something once than hear about it hundred times.

Our activities should help to enhance exchange of good cultural values, experiences and mutual understanding between distant places in the world.

We are part of Walia Ibex Association, Slovak NGO.
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