African Country of Your Choice (2/2)

How to pick the right country as a start of an amazing life-long venture with Africa? In my personal opinion, following criteria should be taken into account: security, natural beauty and wealth, ethnic and religious composition of population and economic … Continue reading

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African Country of Your Choice (1/2)

Kenya, safari, elephants and giraffes, poverty, conflicts, humanitarian assistance… Our knowledge of Africa is largely limited to these stereotypes. You don’t believe that? Ok. Then, let’s make a small test. Try to name the capitals of Ethiopia, Uganda, Burkina Faso, … Continue reading

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Walia Ibex Expedition Blog launched

It’s here! We have just launched our blogging system, a place for easy sharing anything that’s on our mind and we think is worth mentioning. We plan to post articles primarily about the situation in Africa, describe it from our … Continue reading

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Why Travelling to 10 Poorest Countries in Africa

Africa once a highly sought destination by Europeans (colonial times) looks nowadays left alone by Europe. In terms of a tourist infrastructure, Africa has few to offer comparing with attractive Asian and Latin American destinations. Continue reading

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